Airway, Respiration & Ventilation
Cardiology & Resuscitation
EMS Operations

4.01 Intro to Trauma

Welcome to Trauma. This module is exciting because we get to cover all the cool stuff that probably attracted you to EMS in the first place. Here we will cover the general trauma assessment and then break down each body system to figure out what types of trauma we should be on the lookout for and how different treatments can be utilized for each.

We will talk about a few of the more advanced treatments, but remember that the trauma assessment is the most important piece. If you know how to appropriately go through the trauma assessment. You’ll be much less likely to miss anything on your exam or on your patients. If at any point something doesn’t make sense, reach out to us or stop and review that topic before moving on. Follow along in your workbook and have fun as we explore the ins and outs of trauma.