Airway, Respiration & Ventilation
Cardiology & Resuscitation
EMS Operations

1.01 Course Overview

National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians Test Prep for Paramedics

In this course, we will cover all of the high yield content from the National Registry Education Standards broken down into easy-to-understand videos. There are over 50 videos here split into five modules based on the topics that the National Registry covers. Airway and ventilation, cardiology and resuscitation, trauma, medical and OB-GYN, and EMS operations.

A corresponding workbook is provided, follow along and fill in key information so that you have something to quickly reference and review as you work through the program. At the end of each lecture, you’ll find ten questions for you to test your comprehension of the material we’ve covered. We recommend following along with your workbook as you watch the videos and then completing the questions at the end before moving on. We’re excited to come alongside you and help you succeed in school on the exam and in the field.