Airway, Respiration & Ventilation
Cardiology & Resuscitation
EMS Operations

3.01 Intro to Cardiology & Resuscitation

Welcome to cardiology and resuscitation. In this module, we’ll be covering the anatomy and function of the heart, as well as conditions and diseases that can arise when the heart isn’t functioning properly. The most important information to focus on is the normal cycle and function of the heart and the anatomy of the heart. Once you’ve mastered those concepts, the rest of cardiology starts to fall into place.

It’s much easier to understand the dysfunction of the heart when you understand the normal function. You may want to review the lectures on anatomy and cardiac cycle and function a few times before jumping into lectures on cardiac diseases and infections. Make sure to follow along in your workbook so that you can review and reference it later. Mastering these concepts will serve you extremely well on the exam and in the field, so get excited as we jump into cardiology and resuscitation.