EMT Exam Prep

Pass the NREMT exam for EMTs on your first try!

Whether you are just starting your program, or are only a week away from the national registry EMT test, Guardian EMT exam prep will help you become a certified EMT.

The EMT Test Prep Course includes:

  • Over 15 hours of on-demand video
  • ER doctor and firefighter/paramedic/RN instructors
  • Downloadable EMT study guide
  • The curriculum is based on the NREMT national standards
  • Learn by EMS exam categories – Medical/OB, Trauma, Cardiology, Airway, Respiration & Ventilation, and EMS Operations
  • NREMT Practice questions

A certificate from the NREMT or National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians is required by most states to work as an EMT. The NREMT is a Computer Adaptive Test coving Medical/OB, Trauma, Cardiology, Airway, Respiration, Ventilation, and EMS Operations. EMT test prep covers all exam categories.

“I passed my National Registry!!! Thanks to Guardian EMT Test Prep for being my daily lecture while I had to wait to take my test! You guys are the best!”

 — Leanne S.

EMT exam prep / EMT test prep


All that’s holding you back from working in the field is passing the EMT exam. It can be challenging, but with the proper exam prep, we know you’ll pass with flying colors and running lights and sirens in no time. Enroll now for the best EMT test prep available.

EMT test study guides


We are passionate about helping you pass the NREMT exam on your first try. And we are confident that every student who watches through all the videos, reads the EMT study guides, and correctly answers all the practice questions will be successful!

EMT test study guides


Our comprehensive EMT exam test prep course was designed from the ground up based on the national registry standards. The instructors are working professionals in emergency medicine with hands-on experience in the categories you will be tested on

National Registry Cognitive Exam

The National Registry is a Cognitive Adaptive Exam. If you don’t know what that means you are definitely not alone. This means that as you take the exam, the computer makes the questions harder or easier depending on if you are getting the questions right or not. It also tries to test you in all areas to figure out where your knowledge base falls for things like medical, trauma, and cardiology.

This also means that no one finishes the exam feeling as if they passed and that you will absolutely get questions that you don’t know the answer to. This is not necessarily a bad thing! It could mean you are doing well which is why the questions are getting harder.

The exam can be anywhere from 70 to 120 questions for EMTs and 80 to 150 questions for paramedics and is based on

the computer program’s algorithm. So if you finish in 70 questions, you are just as likely to have passed or failed, as someone who finished after 120 questions. And finally, a portion of the exam isn’t even graded. Certain questions are there to be tested. So whether you get these right or wrong it doesn’t matter. They are just trying out new questions for future tests.

The takeaway?….. There is no way of knowing how you are doing when you are actually taking the exam. The trick is to simply take each question one at a time and do your best. If you really want to know if you are going to do well, you need to be confident you studied correctly.

How to study for the NREMT

Nothing is more isolating than studying alone. It can be daunting and stressful to be cooped up studying for such a big exam. So share your study plan and schedule with a friend or family member so they can encourage you along the way and ask how you are doing and if you are keeping pace with your plan.

Be upfront about what you need from them and maybe even plan a standing phone call once a week where it’s their job to check in and see how your plan is coming along. Don’t do this alone! Feel free to join our facebook group and page as well, share your plan with us and we will check in on you too!

EMT Test Prep Instructors

Chris Seitz

Chris Seitz, MD

Jason Seitz

Jason Seitz

This course is taught by Dr. Chris Seitz, board-certified Emergency Physician, and Jason Seitz, firefighter, paramedic, RN, and IC. Together they run Guardian Test Prep based in Detroit, Michigan. They are dedicated to inspiring and empowering their students through quality education as they share their passion for emergency preparedness. They also enjoy long walks, warm summer nights, and virgin pina colodas when they have time.