How NREMT Practice Tests Can Help You Pass Your Exam

NREMT Practice Tests

NREMT practice tests are a great tool to assist you as you prepare for EMT, paramedic, and AEMT cognitive exams, but they are only one tool in the toolbox. When we decided to create our NREMT exam prep course we knew many students needed more than practice tests and study guides. In fact, if practice tests were enough, more people would be passing the NREMT on their first try.

NREMT practice test

In addition to providing a complete question bank, we decided to take a more comprehensive approach and include NREMT practice questions after each video topic that corresponds with the study guide. Currently, our question bank includes over 1,000 practice questions that are based on the National Registry standards. The exam categories include Medical/OB, Trauma, Cardiology, Airway, Respiration & Ventilation, and EMS Operations.

Computer Adaptive Tests and Linear Tests

Our approach is designed to help students work through specific topics and check their incorrect answers with the video and study guides. The actual NREMT exam uses computer adaptive testing for the EMR, EMT, and Paramedic examinations. Computer adaptive testing (CAT) uses a scale of difficulty of questions from a large bank to determine if you are meeting a standard over time. As you get questions right, the questions will get harder and harder until you start to get questions wrong. If you get questions wrong, then the exam may give you a simpler question. Alternatively, the AEMT exam uses a liner exam. This is a fixed-length test. Think of it as a computer version of the traditional paper and pencil exam.

Pilot Questions

During your National Registry exam, you will receive pilot questions mixed in with the real questions. Answers to the pilot questions are not factored into your score. They are included as part of the review process for new questions that may eventually be added to the test. According to the National Registry, the number of pilot questions included in each exam is:

  • EMR: 30 items
  • EMT: 10 items
  • AEMT: 35 items
  • Paramedic: 20 items

For more information on computer adaptive testing check out our blog post on How to Pass the NREMT Exam.