Paramedic Test Prep for the NREMT Exam

Pass the NREMT exam for paramedics on your first try!

Whether you are just starting your paramedic program, or are only a week away from the exam, we would love to come alongside you to help you become a certified paramedic.

Over 15 hours of on-demand video

  • ER doctor and firefighter/paramedic/RN instructors
  • Downloadable EMT study guide
  • The curriculum is based on the NREMT national standards
  • Learn by EMS exam categories – Medical/OB, Trauma, Cardiology, Airway, Respiration & Ventilation, and EMS Operations
  • Practice questions
  • Pharmacology flashcards

A certificate from the NREMT or National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians is required by most states to work as a paramedic. The NREMT is a Computer Adaptive Test coving Medical/OB, Trauma, Cardiology, Airway, Respiration, Ventilation, and EMS Operations. Paramedic test prep covers all exam categories.

Very very detailed and provides amazing info on basically everything you need to know.

 — Keegan B.

EMT test video lecture


All that stands between you from becoming a certified paramedic is the NREMT cognitive exam. It can be challenging, but with the proper exam prep, we know you’ll pass with flying colors and running lights and sirens in no time. Enroll now for the best paramedic test prep available.

EMT test study guides


We are passionate about helping you pass the NREMT exam on your first try. And we are confident that every student who watches through all the videos, reads the paramedic study guides, reviews the pharmacology flashcards, and correctly answers all the practice questions will be successful!

EMT test study guides


Our comprehensive paramedic exam test prep course was designed from the ground up based on the national registry standards. The instructors are working professionals in emergency medicine with hands-on experience in the categories you will be tested on.

Your Instructors

Chris Seitz

Chris Seitz, MD

Jason Seitz

Jason Seitz

This course is taught by Dr. Chris Seitz, board-certified Emergency Physician, and Jason Seitz, firefighter, paramedic, RN, and IC. Together they run Guardian Test Prep based in Detroit, Michigan. They are dedicated to inspiring and empowering their students through quality education as they share their passion for emergency preparedness. They also enjoy long walks, warm summer nights, and virgin pina colodas when they have time.